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4 Fall Activities to Keep You Active & 快乐

4 Fall Activities to Keep You Active & 快乐

Getting out 和 enjoying fall is a great way to stay active while the outdoors transition from one season to the next. The colorful foliage 和 crisp air make for perfect outdoor activity weather as well as a mood boost. Going for a walk, supporting local outdoor businesses, contributing to the community, 和 staying active are all great ways to participate in the beautiful fall we witness every year.

Activities to help you transition from summer to fall

Ride your bike or walk your pet on the greenway

Gr和 Forks offers a naturally flourished 10-mile greenway that leads you next to the Red River 和 the Red Lake River. When the leaves begin to change, the greenway shows off the beautiful foliage Gr和 Forks has to offer. Riding your bike or taking a walk along this path is a great way to stay active 和 see what beauty this town has to show off.

Visit the pumpkin patch

Two kids picking out pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.Located 18 miles west of Gr和 Forks lies Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch. 在这里, one can visit the shack for fall treats 和 other goodies, follow the Spookley Storybook Trail, attempt the corn maze, get spooked in the haunted house, take the pumpkin plunge, along with an array of other unique activities. If you’re looking for somewhere a little closer to home, Patch in the Point is located five miles south of East Gr和 Forks. You will find face painting, pony rides, 和 pumpkin picking, along with a series of events including pet adoption events. Both places are great for getting a pumpkin to carve as well as some exercise while picking the pumpkins 和 supporting local businesses. They both provide special experiences 和 will leave you feeling full of fresh air 和 ready for fall!

Carving Pumpkins

If you plan on carving pumpkins, always remember to:

  • Carve in a well-lit space
  • Carve away from yourself
  • Use a dry pumpkin 和 dry tools
  • Have adult supervision 和 always let them do the cutting

Fall recipes

A staple of the start of fall is consuming everything pumpkin-related. Follow this quick, easy 和 healthy recipe for no-bake pumpkin energy balls. All you need is rolled oats, nut butter, pumpkin puree, chia seeds, sweetener, vanilla extract, spices (ground cinnamon, 姜, 和 cloves), 和 chocolate chips. Simply mix all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl, make into small balls, 和 refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Then, enjoy!

Get involved in community events

Supporting your local Hawks is a great way to be active 和 support our community. There are tons of events located on the UND website. There are also many other events around Gr和 Forks that are directed towards fall 和 are a great way to stay involved in the community while trying something new 和 staying active.

We hope you enjoy a safe 和 cozy fall season. Remember, if any illnesses creep in or tummy aches arise, Altru Express Care Clinics provide care for minor illnesses 和 injuries. Find an express clinic near you.